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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

How Does this Relate to Society?

If you really think about it kidnappings and rape is a major issue in today's society. It's happening all over the world and so many kids getting affected by it. There was one major story about a girl named Amber who was kidnapped. It was the worst one that people have seen and since that, they created a system called "Amber alert". This is when a child or adult has gone missing and it alerts everyone to look for you. This is a very good system because this happens almost everyday. You could turn on the news and there is a new story everyday about a girl who got raped and beaten or a kidnapping. It is crazy and I don't understand how people could do that!

This does actually relate to the book I am currently reading. Elizabeth was kidnapped and they put out an alert for her and had people search even had helicopters searching for her. But they couldn't find her. She couldn't run she couldn't do anything. Which this is really upset because she didn't deserve that! She was a little girl and no little girl deserves that. Once it happens it will never be forgotten you will always be scared and wanting to hide. You can't say if its going to happen you never know.Also ever since i have heard about major stories just learning about a place not too far away, its the scarriest thing I could ever think about. Read more?


  1. That book sounds very interesting!

  2. Hey Mags!
    I am glad that you brought up this up and you even connected society back to a text. Great Job! I respect your opinions on this topic and your post was well balanced between talking about the book and paralleling it back to society.