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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Romeo and Juliet

Today in English we just finished Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. That was a very hard play to understand but once you participated you could really get into it and understand it more. In the begging I had no idea what we were talking about until I really got into it and participated. I don't know if I could ever read anything by him again because the way he writes is so hard to understand. I don't understnad how you could write like this. If i read anymore by him then I would have to research the book or play before hand so I actually know what is going to be happening. I know that in my future I am going to have to read more books by him and that will be hard. As long as i ask questions and understand, I should be good.

Next we are going to have to write a paper on Romeo and Juliet based on if it's a comedy or a tragedy. In my opinion I don't understand how it would be a comedy I didn't find it funny in my opinion. In my paper I am going to argue that it is a tragedy because it's so sad how Romeo took his own life for Juliet when she wasn't even dead. I hope you can find some time to read it or watch the movie. Even though there are so many choices of the play to watch my favorite was the newer ones, not the oldeer ones. When youe watching somthing thats old but made in the future then you can understand it way more. Good luck!


  1. We have not started to read Romeo and Juliet yet, but in the past reading his literature I have also found it to be very difficult to comprehend. When we start that unit I know I will have to re-read his writing over and over again in order to fully understand the text.

  2. Personally I think the whole story is unrealistic. I mean first of all Juliet is thirteen when it happens. Second of all the whole story takes place in three days. So technically Romeo and Juliet fall in love AND kill themselves in three days.

  3. We as a class haven't started reading Romeo and Juliet yet, but I know the story, and I definitely agree that this would be a tragedy. I think this because the situation of Romeo killing himself could have easily been avoided and it didn't need to happen. If he would have just waited aminute Juliet would have woken up and everything would have been okay. But instead, two lives were taken. I read a midsummer nights dream last yeaar and I agree that his language is difficult to comprehend and I think its because it was wriiten so long ago. Nice work :)