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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Blog Relection

When I think back on my time blogging this trimester I think of one word, time consuming.  This was very time consuming on my part because I never got done in class and I never liked what I was writing. That caused me to delete past post and write a new one.  Also in the beginning I was so behind trying to create a blog and not knowing what I was doing. We got almost once a week to write a blog post and you have to make sure you have an idea of what to write about and that you have read. Sometimes that was my struggle not being prepared.  Towards the end of the trimester I got a hang of it. Now for the future I will be prepared.  One strength that I had throughout the trimester was getting into my blog post not just writing a short little post to get credit but really explain so that it make sense.

My best blog post I think so far is about The Cupcake Queen. In this post I have used a quote to explain my reasoning and description. Also I said that I haven't got into the book yet and I wrote about what I knew so far. Also I wrote about the character and when I get further into my book I will write about how she has changed or how she hasn't changed. Also I followed all the requirements on the rubric but I didn't go above and beyond.
For the next trimester my goal is to read 3 books and write very well developed blog post. I want to wow everyone from the first trimester to the second. I also want to be prepared and read extra. I don't like reading that much but I really want to start getting into it.

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